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Alarm Systems For Your Doors

The first alarm ever made was very basic as it provided a loud sound when the alarm was triggered. That is essentially what you want an alarm system to do.

The most basic and original alarm was to alert people of burglars. It was very stress free and uncomplicated. There was a basic source of power, a device which was an alarm and a switch. It was well received because most people were looking for a basic form of security.

You can actually make your own alarm system which is relatively simple and easy to do and you will feel a great deal safer. It will provide a basic form of protection.

The first step is to choose a switch. A buzzer will need to go off when the switch is activated. In a closed circuit system the alarm is activated when the circuit is broken such as when the door is opened. This will then set off the alarm. An open circuit system, the alarm goes off when there is a trigger.

The next choice is a buzzer to sound the alarm so that you know there is a burglar! This is very critical.

There are a multitude of ways that you can be alerted that there is an intruder. A siren will go off or there will be flashing lights, or an automatic dialer.

The siren and lights alert you that your dwelling has been broken into. They may scare off an intruder or they may signal the police that your house has been broken into.

You then need to connect the circuit. You will need to decide where you want the buzzer. You will need to decide where you want to put it. Obviously, you should not put it in a spot where a burglar can find it and break it. It should be placed in a central area between two rooms or in a hallway. You will need to attach the switch. Make sure you have a place for the switch and close the circuit.

Make sure you turn the power off while you are doing this. First attach the wire so that the alarm is set and then set the switch and then the on and off button. Then you will need to attach the alarm to the buzzer. Make sure the connection is working by setting it off.

If it is working the alarm will go off when the door is opened. The alarm should be loud enough so that everyone in the house can hear it. Make sure everyone in your house is aware that you have installed a burglary system and you may want to activate it and have a practice session with your family members.

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