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Burglar Alarm Systems

Today you can find a burglar alarm system almost anywhere, in your local restaurant, malls, stores, and homes. There are a multitude of options available from very inexpensive, basic systems that cost about $20.00 to very sophisticated, high end security systems that will cost you thousands of dollars. However, they all use the same, basic design.

At one time, the family dog was used as a means of a deterrent and as a means of alerting everyone in the house that there was a disturbance. However, security systems have come along way and they can be set up to be very precise, to detect unusual sounds, movements, changes in the air and temperature.

So think about it. You may have spent thousands, possibly millions of dollars on your home and furniture. You will certainly want to protect it from intruders while you are there and when you are away from home. Some people complain that they are far too complicated, however, some can be set up to activated with a simple press of a button. You can buy one that is very complicated or a relatively simple device that can be activated with the press of a button or a code.

The most basic alarm system involves a current that goes off when it is broken. They are relatively simple to make, as long as you do not add a lot of bells and whistles and keep it simple.

The first alarm was made by Edwin Holmes in the late 1850s. Today the alarm systems are much more complicated and are far more difficult to operate.

An electrical circuit works because two points, negative and positive elements are activated. The system is most generally activated by a switch that can be rerouted or changed.

The most basic system involves a supply of power, a line, an off and off switch, a bulb and a power supply. So whenever, the alarm system is turned on and a current passes through anyone attempting to break through the current will set off the alarm.

If you are interested in making a basic system, all you will need is a battery, a switch, a magnet which will be placed in the door and a buzzer or alarm. This system can be set up in a door, window or floor mat.

If you install a burglar alarm in your house, it may decrease the likelihood of a burglary by as much as 60%. Some people purchase alarm systems for insurance reasons and for peace of mind. You may never have to use the system but at the very least, you know that it is there if an intruder attempts to break into your house.

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